Hullaballoo by definition means "Organized Chaos," and here we take the chaos to a new level. Friday afternoon patrols compete in a variety of activities including frisbee, patrol leader splash, string burn, tug-o-war, and many more. Don't forget your patrol flag, patrol yell, and lots of enthusiasm!


After the Hullaballoo your troop competes in a campwide race that involves running, speed walking, canoeing, and swimming. The winning troop earns the honor of throwing their favorite (or least favorite) staff member off the pier in full Class A uniform. Spend all week working on your baton and enter it in the baton carving competition.


Your troop's best canoers will race to Octopus Point and back in an effort to win the admiration of the rest of camp and experience the "often imitated but never duplicated, questionably prohibited and always illegal" Octopus Cup Handshake courtesy of the Beach Crew. 


THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY! Campwide pier dive where we take the end of the pier off so you can run and jump straight off. Music's blasting and our world famous 'khisky' flows freely. On shore you can play dodgeball, basketball, Froccer (a combination of Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer), Twister, whiffle ball, or horseshoes. Good times are had by all.