Parsons Pier

Pier Jump: A Parsons Trademark. You haven’t lived until you’ve plunged off the end of the pier into the glistening water below. This is a tide-permitting event.

Sailing: An afternoon on Jackson Cove almost always brings with it a perfect breeze to fill your sails. Take out our small boats, or take one of our larger sailboats or the catamaran out for a longer sailing excursion.

Row Boat Fill: See how many people you can fit into one row boat before it sinks. The current official record is 28.

Whale Hunt: Play polo with a root beer keg in row boats. 


Canoe Swamp: It’s swamp or be swamped in this chaotic canoe free for all. Head out into the water without paddles to try and tip competing boats.

Kayaking/Canoeing: A camp classic. Paddle your way around the boating area and take in the scenery that has helped make Parsons what it is.

War Canoe: Take our massive 12-seater out for a spin around the blue barrels.

Swim Beach

Swimming: There’s nothin’ like jumpin’ into the cool waters of the Hood Canal on a warm Parsons summer day. 

Snorkling: Check out the wildlife on the canal-bottom or explore the old sunken whale boat.

Mystery Beach

Beach Combing: Parson’s third beach. Look out over the canal and take in the breathtaking view, or look down at your feet to find all sorts of sea life, artifacts, or skipping rocks of the highest quality.